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Would I benefit from TK?

Transformational Kinesiology is for anyone who wants to take responsibility for what occurs in their life, for those who want to find out more about themselves, and who wish to find a sense of vitality. Anyone of any age and wellness will benefit from a session. Transformational Kinesiology can be used to relieve suffering in our lives and provide a sense of increased energy, vitality and reconnection.

What might I experience in a Transformational Kinesiology session?

Transformational Kinesiology sessions normally take one and a half hours or possibly a little longer. Initially Debbie will use muscle testing to make an assessment of precisely the location and/or nature of energy imbalances. The body will dictate, via muscle testing, what correction is needed to restore the energy balance and promote self-healing. It is likely that Debbie will consult reference books throughout the consultation.
A Kinesiologist does not diagnose nor treat specific illness, but rather works with the life force energy of prana or chi to restore energy balance.

How many TK consults will I need?

I often recommend 3 consults over a 3 month period and then a review made at this time.The aim is to bring you to a place where you make your own decisions based on the greater clarity you have in interpreting your life circumstance and history. You will be given useful techniques to help bring that clarity to your life. Many routinely see me on a monthly basis as a type of maintenance program, others choose more frequently or just when life has become difficult to navigate again. I am equally comfortable with clients choosing to have one consult and waiting until the time is right for the next consult.

What happens in a nutrition medicine consultation?

The first appointment usually takes about 1.5 hours. You will be asked to bring along a record of what you have eaten over the last three days. You will receive general feedback on your current eating habits as they relate to your particular lifestyle and any medical conditions you may have. A physical nutrition assessment will also be conducted. As an advisor and educator Debbie’s aim is to assist you in making good food choices. First and foremost you won’t be prescribed a diet! You will effectively create for yourself a new lifestyle which will benefit you all your life. Keep in mind that, changes are being made to habits of a lifetime so, gradual progress is more sustainable.

How many consultations for nutrition medicine will I need?

Often clients may have questions which arise after an initial consult and these can be handled directly by email without the need for a consult. If a 45 minute follow-up visit is required it provides a good opportunity to discuss how your new eating habits and lifestyle changes are suiting you. Debbie will be able to assist with smoothing over any difficulties you may be having with the practical changes you need to be making. Kinesiology may be a useful adjunct at this time. Thereafter, the number and schedule of subsequent visits is dependent on you and your specific condition or situation.

Debbie will also be working for you outside of the consultations. A complete diet analysis, if required for example, must be prepared outside of the consultation. Searching the medical literature for unusual aspects of your clinical condition, review of any previous medical records which you may provide and liaison with perhaps your referring doctor, personal trainer or complementary health practitioner are all important aspects of your care. Supplements will sometimes be prescribed for your specific condition, but wherever possible these will be kept to a minimum. Debbie's focus is always upon using food as medicine.

Will I get something back on my health insurance cover?

Health fund rebates apply for both kinesiology and nutrition depending on your cover and health fund.

What days are available for appointments?

Due to interstate relocation I am currently on sabbatical from clinic but taking phone and email enquiries for mindful eating courses and retreats

How can I pay?

I accept Master Card, Visa Card and cash but do not have EFTPOS nor accept cheques. Payment is required on the day of the consult.

What should I look for in a practitioner?

What questions should I ask them?
  • Ask them about their registrations with a professional body such as ATMS. Registration ensures you are going to a practitioner who exceeds minimum standards and has professional indemnity insurance
  • Ask about their qualifications generally and whether they update their skills regularly. When was the last professional workshop they attended? This ensures you are getting the best of care
  • Ask about flexible clinic hours – we all lead busy lives these days
  • Ask to speak to the practitioner before making an appointment so that you can gauge for yourself how professionally they handle themselves.

How do I become a client?

If you are interested in any of my services then it is a simple step to take in becoming a client. No referrals are necessary

If anything appears to be unanswered for you in this site pop it in an email and I will get back to you with the answers. If you would like to make a booking let me know what days and times might suit and I am sure to be able to find something that will suit you

Call me
Phone me Monday to Thursday on 0400855745. Leave a message if I am with a client. Messages are also checked regularly on all other days.


Currently on sabbatical
Course venues to be advised


About Debbie Pannowitz

Debbie specializes in Kinesiology and Nutrition Medicine. She is accredited for both these modalities with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and has a Master of Science and Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Nutrition Medicine).

She seeks to help her clients use their full creative capacity to lead healthier, more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Her client’s dignity, autonomy and self-determination are cornerstones to her philosophy of care.

She is an author and public speaker having done various conference and corporate presentations nationally and internationally.

She has an extensive career in scientific research, the food and health industries and is particularly interested in clarity in healthcare communication. She has a number of publications to her name, lectured and tutored at several of the major natural therapy colleges throughout Australia, and writes occasionally for journals and community newspapers.


Registered Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner (registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society) Mindful Eating Retreat and Course Guide

Graduate Diploma of Health Sciences (Nutrition Medicine), Diploma of Nutrition (registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

And from life before kinesiology:
Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (biotechnology), Masters of Business Administration. In fact it was a lot of the adventures and misadventures before she found kinesiology that led her on this path with complementary therapies.
Today she practices in both her home based clinic as well as in Hobart. The home based clinic offers the same quality of care but the lack or rent allows her to keep prices lower here. "My home base clinic allows me to provide services to clients who may have some financial concerns or just be a more convenient location to the people of the community where I live", says Debbie. "Community means a lot to me and we all live better lives if we can be doing things for others".

"When not in clinic I enjoy creating a garden and vege patch, both of which have sustaining qualities"

Privacy statement

I am committed to handling your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. You can choose not to provide me with personal information however, this will limit my ability to provide adequate care and may mean we are unable to form a professional partnership in discovering your health priorities.

We will collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:
  1. To assess your current and future health needs and base recommendations on this information
  2. To provide your information (upon your written request), to other accredited healthcare professionals. A fee may be charged for this.
  3. To provide you with regular updates about new services or general health and lifestyle information.
It is your responsibility to inform me in writing if you do not wish your personal information to be used in this way.

We will provide summaries of your files to a practitioner nominated by you within one working week of receipt of a written request. Delivery and preparation charges will apply.

Legal Disclaimer

The information on this site in no way replaces the advice of a professional health care provider. If you are experiencing a health issue seek the advice of a professional.

This site links to other sites which are maintained by other parties over which I have no control. I make no representation as to their accuracy.

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