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With over 20 years in healthcare and half of those in clinical practice Debbie is well placed to help you navigate your way back to a new appreciation of what of what can be achieved on your health journey using kinesiology, nutrition and mindfulness.

Debbie specializes in nutrition medicine and kinesiology. She has helped many over a broad range of conditions from a large cross-section of the community. She is passionate about food and nutrition including disorders of digestion, food sensitivities as well as helping people achieve healthier and fulfilling lives with transformational kinesiology and mindfulness.

"My commitment to you is to determine the right therapy to suit your circumstance and lifestyle to ensure you have answers for your unique health and wellbeing concerns"
Debra Pannowitz Grad Dip Hlth Sci (Nutr Med), RSKP, MSc, MBA

For each client there is a five step process
  • Be heard and have your concerns addressed
  • Your own treatment plan discussed and developed
  • Your own between consultations action plan to put your healing in your hands
  • Your own future health strategy as a preventative measure
  • Open and clear communication throughout

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Some of the most common health issues where people seek my help:

stress, life purpose, emotional eating, weight problems, food sensitivities and intolerances, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin problems, depression, lack of energy, irritable bowel and other bowel problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reproductive health

Health fund rebates may apply depending on your cover.

The relationship you build with your practitioner will reward you with the tools and knowledge you need to lead a more fulfilled life.


Sometimes change is thrust upon us or we just feel stuck in old life patterns. Debbie has helped many find their own life choices using kinesiology


“It was like a veil had been lifted and I see myself differently” – Kinesiology client

“I don’t understand how this works but I feel energized and free” – Kinesiology client

"Thank you for your gentle understanding, empathy and depth of knowledge in facilitating such a profound change in my life. I am now, very much part of living, joyous and eager to maintain a positive lifestyle and excited about where it leads me and what I can learn. I'm definitely in a better place."
– Kinesiology client

"I found the session really useful, focussed me back on things that are simple but deeply important, and it has led me to do other things to move towards good holistic health. With my best wishes and thanks."
– Kinesiology client.

"…thank you for opening my eyes to kinesiology" – Kinesiology client

Kinesiology for improved:
    Emotional balance
Kinesiology is one of the most rapidly growing complementary therapies. It uses the body’s own healing power to restore energy imbalances. With roots deeply embedded in the traditions of Chinese medicine, Kinesiology is primarily focused on keeping people free from dis-ease. Factors that block the body’s natural health processes are identified, corrected and a greater sense of wellbeing is created.
One of the greatest benefits of kinesiology is that it provides the window through which can be found the emotional and mind-body relationships behind disease and then gently uses the body's own healing power to restore well-being. There are many different forms of kinesiology and I have studied many of these variations. This was before I came to Transformational Kinesiology, a specialist area developed in Denmark. I found it to be a more rewarding way to help people find their own path in life and move forward with ease and grace.

…and transformational kinesiology (TK)
Transformational kinesiology is a specialist area of Kinesiology; it helps us interpret our lives and events in more productive ways. It is a truly inspirational healing. Reaching to our own inner wisdom it allows us to access ourselves as an observer in our lives ensuring that our actions are more harmless than harmful. If we are able to step away from seeing ourselves as our life history (e.g. as what we do for a job etc.) we can observe our inner thoughts and emotions which chain us to old patterns. This awareness alleviates stress, discomfort and sabotage behavior in our lives. When we take the position of being an inner mentor and not the inner critic we begin to lead ourselves to lasting change and healing, vitality and reconnection.

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Nutrition Medicine


"Thank you so much for your time today, it was terrific to meet you and hear some of your knowledge on nutrition. Mum and I both got a lot out of meeting you today – thanks for being able to fit me in so quickly. Your handouts and information were all brilliant and I feel so much more confident with what we need to do…" - Nutrition Medicine client

“Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, wonderful ideas and general hand-holding. I couldn’t have done it without you” – Nutrition Medicine client

"I am so grateful for all your time, information and reassurance, it has made our transition so much smoother" - Nutrition Medicine client

"Wow - thanks for this Debbie! You have amazing dedication" - Nutrition Medicine client

Just what is nutrition medicine?

What you eat is a major determinant for your health. You can’t always control the quality of the air you breathe or your environment. However your food is completely under your control. It is a shame to squander such a unique opportunity to create wellbeing in your life!

If we understand our relationship with food from both a behavioural and nutritional perspective, nutrition medicine can be used as a preventive measure against disease. It may be used to slow disease progress or to relieve symptoms. Remember food was actually the original medicine.

As an advisor and educator Debbie’s aim is to assist you in making good food choices. First and foremost you won’t be prescribed a diet! You will effectively create for yourself a new lifestyle which will benefit all your life. Keep in mind that, changes are being made to habits of a lifetime so, gradual progress is more sustainable.

Acute situations can be helped relatively quickly however chronic situations may take a number of consultations.

An initial consult normally takes about 1.5 hours. It is helpful if you bring any medical test results and a three day diet diary with you. Follow up consultations are normally for 45 minutes. I am available by phone and email between consults to answer many of the minor questions that come up when changing a food program. This helps ensure that those habit changes occur more smoothly and I can truly support you along the way!

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What to look for in a practitioner

  • Ask them about their registrations with a professional body such as ATMS. Registration ensures you are going to a practitioner who exceeds minimum standards and has professional indemnity insurance
  • Ask about their qualifications generally and whether they update their skills regularly. When was the last professional workshop they attended? This ensures you are getting the best of care
  • Ask about flexible clinic hours – we all lead busy lives these days
  • Ask to speak to the practitioner before making an appointment so that you can gauge for yourself how professionally they handle themselves.
Debbie specializes in Kinesiology and Nutrition Medicine. She is accredited for both these modalities with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and has a Master of Science and Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Nutrition Medicine).

She seeks to help her clients use their full creative capacity to lead healthier, more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Her client’s dignity, autonomy and self-determination are cornerstones to her philosophy of care.

She is an author and public speaker having done various conference and corporate presentations nationally and internationally.

She has an extensive career in scientific research, the food and health industries and is particularly interested in clarity in healthcare communication. She has a number of publications to her name, lectured and tutored at several of the major natural therapy colleges throughout Australia, and writes occasionally for journals and community newspapers.


Registered Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner (registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

Graduate Diploma of Health Sciences (Nutrition Medicine), Diploma of Nutrition (registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

And from life before kinesiology:
Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (biotechnology), Masters of Business Administration. In fact it took a lot of the adventures (and misadventures of life) before she found kinesiology.
Today she practices in both her home based clinic as well as in Hobart. The home based clinic offers the same quality of care but the lack or rent allows her to keep prices lower here. "My home base clinic allows me to provide services to clients who may have some financial concerns or just be a more convenient location to the people of the community where I live", says Debbie. "Community means a lot to me and we all live better lives if we can be doing things for others".

"When not in clinic I enjoy creating a garden and vege patch, both of which have sustaining qualities"

Clinic times and directions

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I accept Master Card, Visa Card and cash but do not have EFTPOS nor accept cheques.

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Retreats and Courses

Debbie runs retreats and courses in mindful eating and using kinesiology for nutrition.
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